Sunday, December 18, 2011


The Three Wise Men gave gifts...then they followed the Spirit and took another way home. Because they journeyed another way, Mary and Joesph were able to take baby Jesus to safety.

You have given our family a gift. You could have done other things with that gift, but you followed the Spirit and gave it to us. Because of that...we will be better able to help save our dad.

Thank you for that.

The Barrett's, Flake's and Taylor's

A very special "Thank You" to: Anthon, Ashley, Roman, Sterling, Homer, Connie, Brendan, Katie, Betty, Mckay, Sherri, Gerald, Eileen, Lydia, Micheal, Garrett, Shauna, Byron and Shannon. (and anyone else!)~Thank you for the donation you made in memory of your father/grandfather, Brandon Longhurst. We miss him. He took such good care of his wife and was such a kind neighbor. Brandon and have reared a wonderful family! Thank you for your examples of generosity! (Sorry if I spelt your name wrong!)

Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I remember when my Uncle Dell had a phone like was the coolest thing EVER!

My parents are getting new cell phone numbers! Well...they have new numbers....but my mom is the only one with her new phone. My dad wont get his until this weekend...(assuming the roads are clear and they can make it up to my house!)'s their new numbers!

Lynette: 928-229-0842
Murray: 928-229-0067 

Friday, December 9, 2011

I found this picture of my parents on my computer. I was taken in 2008
We had just hiked to the top of "Four Mile Knoll" here in Snowflake.
I can't wait for my dad to be healthy enough to do that again!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I feel like there needs to be a new post on this blog....but there's really not much to blog about and I guess that is a blessing! "No news is good news" sometimes, right?

My dad is doing pretty much the same. He's been on the transplant list for 8 days. I think his next doctor appointment is scheduled for the spring...unless his health takes a bad turn before than...which we obviously hope isn't the case.

My parents had a photo session yesterday. I am very excited to see the results!

Today is Cooper's 2nd birthday (he's my parents 3rd grandson...Eric+Kim's little guy). My parents are going to celebrate with him this weekend and than come celebrate with Adelin next weekend for her 6th birthday! (Being a Grandparent must be so fun!)

Things have been crazy busy for my mom who is working 10+ hours a day. She works at a this time of year is really busy....and they are short handed. She also has a Santa Claus size list of sewing projects!

I guess that's all for now! :)

Have a good one!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Today my parents are celebrating their 37th Wedding Anniversary!

37 years!!!!

I talked to my dad tell him "Thank you for getting married and having me!" :)
He told me that the day he and my mom were married in the Los Angeles Temple was a busy day! He said that over 100 couples were married in that Temple that day and that they were there from 6 a.m. until after noon! He said to me, "I wonder how many of those couples are still married. Or who has died or something like that." It would be interesting to know.

I talked to my mom too. She was getting ready to go on a date with my dad. Out to dinner and than probably to do some Christmas shopping...which is sort of a tradition for them. She told me that she can't even remember what it was like to be a 19 year old girl (that's how old she was when she got married)...or to be a girl living at home with her parents and siblings. It seems so long ago.

My parents have definitely had their share of struggles over these past 37 years...there's been lots of good times too...and they are happy people who are happy to be together forever.

Love ya mom and daddy-o!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Transplant list

My dad found out that he will be put on the transplant list this coming Wednesday.

It doesn't feel real.

We will also look for a live donor match...but as of now, my parents social worker, Joe (assigned to them at Mayo) said that we will wait until next year. Not sure why....but we're gonna go with it. :)

For now, we are enjoying the fact that we can be around my dad. After his transplant he wont be able to be around groups of people for the first 6 months....and than he will have to be very careful after that.

...We have come a long way in the past 6 months. 6 months ago we knew my dad was sick and losing weight and tired all the time...but we didn't know why. Now we do! He's been checked out from head to toe by some of the best doctors around! He is cancer free with a healthy heart but a crappy liver! At least we know what we're up against!

We are still learning as we go!

Thanks for all of your prayers and support!

Sites to check out:

Organ Donation Site

Donate Life Site

Monday, November 21, 2011

Check out the new fundraising balance over in the sidebar.

We are almost there.

 I don't know how we will reach our goal...but we are SO close...I know it's gonna happen!

Thank you everyone for being so extremely generous in so many ways!

($12,000 is our goal for this year.)


Are you wondering how things went this weekend?

The breakfast and auction went well!!! We raised a decent amount of money and feel good about that. We feel REALLY good about all the people who were there to help. Including those of you who donated items for the auction (and those who bought them!) or came and had breakfast with us instead of at home.

My parents ward and neighbors really did all the cooking. They were amazing. Bishop Fuller has the mass production of pancakes down to an art!

Our auctioneer is the father of a customer from Whole Grain Bakery where my mom works. His name is Bruce and he was awesome. We really couldn't have done the auction without him. He knew what he was doing and was so patient and kind with me!

Skyline H.S. National Honor Society was so helpful as well. I didn't get their names, but there was a group of girls who helped me with the silent auction. They were very responsible and so willing to help. All those kids were great to give up their Saturday morning to come wipe down tables and help out where ever they were needed. Their teacher was awesome too. I didn't get her name though. (sorry...but thanks for all you did!)

I have been running off of a couple of hours of sleep a night for too many nights in a row with a cold on top of it....not good. I forgot to take a camera to the breakfast...I was too busy to take pictures anyways...but I could have had someone else take pictures but I didn't even think of that.

This fundraiser was defiantly a learning experience. If anyone reading this is in a similar situation as our are a few pointers if you are wanting to do an event like this:  For starters....give yourself at least 3 months to plan (we had a little over a month)...and really really work on ticket sells and don't have your event in a large facility if you are having an auction.

All in all...we are so glad we had the breakfast and auction. We raised money that we wouldn't have otherwise and we had the chance to work along side some really wonderful people who are just good to the core and willing to do all they can to help our family.

Knowing that there are people around you who really care is priceless.

Thank you THANK YOU thank you to everyone who participated in any way! We love you!



My dad will meet with the team over at Mayo Clinic this Friday.
After talking to my mom this weekend...there are a few new things I have learned. For starters...we will be looking for a live donor for my dad as well. Remember what I said before about them using a cadaver being the best? Well... I guess that information wasn't 100% correct because they were told last week that a live donor would be best and that they can reconstruct bile ducts for my dad to go along with his portion of the liver. They also told us that my dad is at an 11. A 15 what they look for. But, they said you can go up or down on that scale in a matter of days. My dad used to be at about an 18 a couple months ago. From what it sounds like, they will put him on the donor list and his place in the list will go up or down depending on his health. If he shoots up to a 28...his place on the list will go up. If he does down to a 9, his place on the list will go down. But...they don't want to wait until his health is too bad because than the chances of his body accepting the new liver and recovering from the surgery will not be as great. Meanwhile, we will be able to start testing (whoever wants to) to find a match for a live donor. My parents social worker through Mayo will be the person to contact. BUT...none of this will happen until after their visit with the doctors this Friday.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Why didn't someone tell me that I can't count!?

(cute couple right?)

I was driving home from Show Low last night (thank you Shannon+her mom for the comfy blanket for the auction!).... and I was thinking about how I hope for things to go at the breakfast and auction...hoping people will come and hoping we will have enough items for the auction....And the thought just popped into my head right there in my minivan "I haven't been counting down right on dads blog!" 

I take some comfort in the fact my one seems to have noticed....but there's a bit of discomfort in that fact as well! :}

So, really....there's ONE more day until the BIGGEST event of the MONTH! (I mean...we all love our turkey and are thankful for our blessings too right?) But this is big for our family!

Lots of people are working together with us...and we are so very grateful!

Tomorrow, at this time, we will all be enjoying yummy pancakes together and having a fun time out bidding each other at the auction!

You wont wanna miss it!!! (...especially if you need a new recliner...or a hand made clock...or come cute things for your little girls hair...or a new purse...or...)
Love you all!~Jen

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just three days! 3!

A neighbor of mine donated a surround sound system for the auction....come and buy it!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


You don't want to miss it!

And come on....where else are going to get to feed your family a delicious breakfast (that you don't have to cook) for $25-$35 dollars PLUS be contributing to a WONDERFUL cause?

I'll tell you where. Skyline H.S. this Saturday at 8:30 a.m. (wear your pajamas if you wanna!)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Only 5 more days until the Pancake Breakfast and Auction!

Do YOU have your tickets?

Have YOU accepted my challenge yet? (see Fridays post)

.....Dad is going on day two of testing at Mayo. Lainie is with him today!....


Monday, November 14, 2011


My favorite little 18 month old is always on my lap when I am at the computer. I love it when I go to my dad's blog. Connor will stop fidgeting and point to the screen and say, "Papa! Papa!"

Today is my dad's first day of testing at Mayo Clinic. It's an all day...all week thing.

I don't know when we will get the test results back. (Maybe my mom knows...I will ask her.) But, they are checking him from head to toe! He even has to go to the dentist and make sure there are no issues that could lead to infection.

...........breakfast and auction is only 6 days away!.............

Friday, November 11, 2011

I told you I'd give you a little auction sneak preview.

Want a weekend get away?

Come to the auction and bid on a "White Mountain Weekend". This includes two nights at the bed and breakfast in Snowflake, AZ and a one hour scenic flight.

Looking to give a little TLC to your skin?

Come bid on one hour of Aesthetic Treatment from Prolean Wellness

Interested in a Body Composition Scan? You can get one of those too!

Flower arrangements? Come on over and bid on it!

(You'll have to come to the auction to see what else is in store!)

BUT! We still need more items to make this a success!!!!

SO...I am issuing a challenge!

If you are reading this...make a donation. (something that can be auctioned off)

The breakfast+auction is 8 days away. That is plenty of time to send something through the mail.

  • If you are crafty...send something crafty you have made.
  • If you aren't shy...go to a business and ask for them to donate an item (sporting or camping equipment maybe).
  • Do you  like to cook? Get all the ingredients for your favorite dish together in a basket or something and send that with the recipe.
  • Cookies in a jar?
  • Soup in a jar?
  • a quilt?
  • burp rags?
  • hair clips?
  • a painting?
  • jewelry?
  • a framed photograph you've taken?
If you have an idea but aren't sure about it...leave a comment and run it past us!

I know you are going to accept my challenge. So have fun with it! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Mail items to: Murray Barrett
                       626 N. 99th St.
                       Mesa, AZ 85207

Love ya!

*(please send unused items only)*

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Little More Updating....

This weekend was Stake Conference for my parents. Don R. Clarke (click there) was their visiting General Authority.

Friday evening, my parents got a phone call from Pres. Lawler (their Stake Pres.). He told them that Elder Clarke wanted to meet with four families while he was there and Pres. Lawler immediately thought about my parents.

Saturday morning, my parents, Tiff and her little family and Kaitlyn (who had spent the night there) were able to visit with Elder Clarke.

My mom said that he brought the Spirit into their home...they felt it so strongly and it lingered for a long time after he left.

My dad was able to receive a Priesthood blessing (click there to find out what that means) from Elder Clarke. I wasn't I don't know what was said exactly....but my mom told me that he blessed my dad that our family will draw closer through this trial.

I asked Kaitlyn what she remembered about his visit. She told me that Elder Clarke told my dad that he needs to smile more. According to Kaitlyn, he told my dad that when he doesn't smile, he looks like Moses...and when he does smile...he looks like Nephi! :)

On another note.

My dad's new hepotologist over at Mayo prescribed a new medication. This one is for overt hepatic encephalopathy (click that)...which happens when toxins that the liver processes build up in the body (ammonia on the brain) and cause memory loss and lethargy. This is a medication that can really improve his quality of life while we awaits a transplant. But...the cost is incredible! It will cost $20 a pill. He needs to take two a day which means that for a month, it will cost about $1200! (That's with insurance!) So, we are working with the pharmaceutical company to get a discount. Pray with us that we can get help with that cost!

Plans are moving along for the pancake breakfast+auction! We are still needing more items donated for the auction!!! Please take a minute to think about something that you could donate!

I will post more about that later this week!!!

Take care! Love ya!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Thank you for all you have done for us....your good example...and for having a fighting spirit!

We love you!!

~Lynette, Sam, Lainie, Chris, Charlee, Jennifer, Brandon, Eric, Kim, Tiffany, David
...and the little one too!
Kaitlyn (your best b-day present ever!), Adelin, Weston, Daniel, Cooper, Connor and grand baby #7.

*pst* If you read this post, leave a birthday wish for dad and we will read them to him! Thanks!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Little Update on Dad

I have a lot of people ask me how my dad is doing. My answer is pretty much always the same,

"He's doin' alright!"

Truth is...his condition was sort of freaking us out there for a while. He was swelling up like a balloon! Since then he has quit his job which means he doesn't have to be on his feet for hours at a time and he can rest whenever he feels tired...which is often since he doesn't sleep well at night due to his PSC . He has also been on a low protein+low sodium diet. Making these changes has helped to keep his swelling under control.

My dad had his first appointment at Mayo Clinic today. My mom and dad met with a Hepatologist there. My mom called me after the appointment. From what she told me, it sounds like the appointment went well! They explained to her their evaluation process and the process of being put on a donor list. He said that a new liver goes to the worst case scenario first...and that my dad will be evaluated to see where he is at. I guess they have some scale they "grade" your condition by. If my dad is a 15 or higher, he will be listed. (I hope I am getting this information right!)....and his place on the list is determined by how good or bad off his liver is. His place on the list can also change as they do follow ups and lab work. They were also told that people with PSC (scaring of the bile ducts) do better with a cadaver liver instead of a live donor because you can't take as much from a live donor...but that they will look into his candidacy for a live liver donor as well.

This is the first time I have really sat and thought about someone having to die in order for my dad to live.

This liver disease and organ transplant stuff is no cake walk...but dad is doing it! He still has a good quality of life. He's sick but we are getting answers. Mom said that the staff at Mayo seems to be very supportive. The doctor told her that they will be getting to know each other (my parents, him, the surgical team...) very closely and will work closely together. That support is so greatly appreciated! He will have a full evaluation to check his over all health soon and we will find out about him being listed for a liver after that.

One thing my mom and a couple of my siblings have been concerned about is having people judge my dad...and think that he "did this to himself" by doing drugs or drinking alcohol. That isn't the case. He doesn't know how he contracted hepatitis or if that is even the reason for his PSC. He has also been on prescription medication for years to keep his Chron's disease under control and that could have contributed to his PSC as well. But you know what? There are people out there who are bad off because they drank or did drugs or were immoral...and maybe they are still doing those things while knowing that they have an incurable disease. I don't think that is a reason to be any less compassionate. (that's my personal opinion)

Thanks again for your prayers, your donations and your support!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sam is awesome and made this flier...

If you are interested in handing out fliers or selling tickets please contact us!
Thanks! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Breakfast+Auction Info.

You can now find information for this fundraiser in the side bar of this blog!
Be sure to leave a comment if you have any quetions!

Thnx! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Pancakes Are Coming!

I know you have been craving pancakes since my post about them.

Don't worry....the day is almost here!

Mark this is bold on your calendars!

November 19th 2011
at Skyline High School
from 8:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Breakfast will be served from 8:30-10:30 a.m.
Live Auction will be from 10:30-11:00 a.m.

Skyline High School's "Honor Society" is sponsoring the event. They will be selling tickets. Tickets will also be available to purchase from family members. Or you can purchase them by emailing us at We can mail them to you or you can pick them up from my parents house or at the door. You will also be able to pay at the door.
Prices have not been set yet.

I will get more details (schools address, prices, stuff like that) to you as they become available! :)

This is going to be fun. We are planning to have some good items to auction off. If all goes as planned there will be a silent auction (smaller items) and a live auction (bigger items). Some of the items include: teeth whitening, message certificate, fresh flower arrangement gift certificate, 2 hour house cleaning certificates...and MORE!) You wont want to miss it. Think "Christmas presents!"

If you are interested in donating an item or service to be auctioned off, please send an email to or call me! (Jennifer) 928-536-7991!

Thanks! :)

And a big huge "thank you" to Bruce Green and his family for their generous donation to my dad's account. "Thank you thank you thank you!"

Monday, October 10, 2011

Do you like pancakes?

We do!
The Barrett's sort of have a "thing" for pancakes. I don't know who started it for sure. But, my Grandma Barrett made the very best pancakes ever. Light+thin+fluffy too. I don't know who taught her...maybe her mom? But her pancakes were super yummy! She was the type of person who didn't have a measuring spoon or measuring cup in her kitchen. She just instinctively knew how to make great food! That made it kindda hard to ask for a recipe!
I remember how my mom got Grandma's pancake recipe. She stood there while grandma was making pancakes one morning and before my grandma dumped an ingredient into the mixing bowl, my mom caught it and measured it...and that is how I am able to make the same yummy pancakes for my kiddos! :)

So...since we all love a good pancake breakfast....we are planning one as a fundraiser for my dad!

The details are still being worked out. So far, the plan is to have the breakfast at Skyline High School sometime in November. Skyline H.S. is going to try to get some of their clubs involved to help out. The High Priest in my dad's High Priest Group are going to help also.

Plus, we plan to have an auction! This will be a great chance for you to donate an item or service OR to buy an item or service { or both...we're okay with that too! :) } We are looking into having some pretty cool stuff. We will give you a sneak peak soon.

So...keep a look out for more information!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


"The way to resolve difficulty is always the same-to seek the guidance of the Lord; to live to merit personal inspiration so you will know what the Lord's will is; and then to have the strength and ability to carry it out. When you do those things, you feel stronger and better supported by the Lord, and you can then understand other people's challenges far better. The more you live the commandments of the Lord and understand the principles of the gospel, the more positive you are that the challenges that come can be worked out-and the more effectively you can also act as an instrument in the Lord's hands to help others."

~(Elder Richard G. Scott: Putting God and Family First-Ensign Jan. 1985)

I believe this is true for everyone in any situation. Click HERE to read the full article. ~Love, Jen

Thursday, September 29, 2011

So, I apologize for the grossness of my last is gross sometimes!

I was finally able to get things moving with the bank and can receive statements for dads account without having to go into the bank. I am amazed once again at the donations made by people I don't even know! People like Thomas and Sharon Betz and L.G. and D.A. Wagner...I don't know you but "THANK YOU"!

You are all wonderful wonderful people!

I have learned a few new bits of information this week regarding dads insurance and which facilities he can go to for his transplant. In the state of is Mayo Clinic. Dad has an appointment with them in November. He can also go to several other facilities around the country. I hope to talk to a Mayo rep. today to find out about the approximate out of pocket costs as well as which liver transplant region AZ is in and the approximate wait time for a liver....I hope to find out some information about living donors as well. (If any of you have experience in things like organ transplants and know of some important questions I should be asking...please email at let me know!

This is definitely a process...thank goodness it ain't all thrown at us at once! (although sometimes it might feel that way.)


P.S. Also, please pray for my cousin's baby Asher. He is 17 months old, and just had heart surgery (again) this week.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kindda gross...but...

This is what we got:

And this is what we want:

And this is a random picture I found in my search for healthy and diseased livers:

Have a nice day! :)


Doctors Appointment

Dad had another appointment with his GI yesterday. Now that he has insurance the Dr. is sending him to the transplant Dr.. His appointment will be next month some time. We are very hopeful that he will get on the transplant list. We also can start testing for a live donor so if you would like to be tested as a possible donor and are a, B or O blood type let us know :)

on another note, we are just overwhelmed by the pouring out of blessings from all of the people who have donated.We know that the lords hand is in this.

I wanted to just say thank you to all of our family. All of my brothers and sister have worked so hard and I am so grateful for them. Some times I wonder if the lord intended to bring us all closer through this trial. If so I can be greatful for that.

Thank you for reading!!
Tiffany :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011


So the Tally is in! After sunburns, messy hair and stinky bodies we fund-raised $667.73. We had some great times and memories made! Thank you to those who donated money and their time and effort to make this a success!! Here are some pictures of the car wash :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Don't FORGET!!!

Go to the SONIC on Val Vista between Southern and the 60 fwy in Mesa, AZ tomorrow! (9-17-11)
Get your car/truck/van/bike/whatever all shiny and clean from 7a.m. to 12p.m.(or until the last car is washed!)
All proceeds will go towards Murray Barrett's Liver Donation Fund!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Car Wash!!!

As many of you already know we will be having a benefit car wash this coming Saturday!!
It will be held at the Sonic on Val Vista and Southern on the west side of the road. We plan to start at 7:00 and go until people stop coming!

We are going to need help with this also so if you would like to come down and help with the car wash please email or Facebook us and we will give you the details!

PS. Did you notice we are over half way to our goal!!!!!!! The Lord has defiantly had his hand in all of this :)

Also don't forget to share the blog with the people you know. The more people hear about it the more help we can receive!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Yard Sale SUCCESS!!!!

This is Diane, Murray's sister. Our sister Cheryl and I held a fundraiser yard sale for Murray, and with the combined effort, and donations from so many wonderful family and friends, we were able to raise $ 1,300.
We're amazed at how so many items people donated (and not small stuff either). They just kept coming with it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your love and support in our effort to help Murray.

I (Jennifer) have been reading Glimpses. It is a wonderful book about a wonderful woman. I want to be just like her, but she's so good...I don't know if it's possible! Anyhow! I read something last night that made me think of my aunts and all they are doing for my dad.

"We all have a responsibility-a responsibility to make a difference, to be an influence, to lift someone. We are all in this together to work out our salvation, to reach our potential, and to be our brother's keeper. The help each other." (Marjorie Pay Hinckley)

I don't know if my family will ever know exactly who has helped my dad. I love that complete strangers have helped raise money for my dads medical bills. It reminds me that there is SO much good in this world. So many good people why even bother looking at the bad stuff going only (unless it is to avoid it)..and why bother being upset when someone is rude or why bother being the someone who is rude when there are so many reasons to be happy!?

It's a good thing to be reminded of.

Thank you!

{P.S. Utah fundraiser total is now $1400 after a $100 donation made yesterday! Amazing! Plus, they gathered enough donated items...they are having another yard sale next weekend! You guys are WONDERFUL!!!!!}

{P.S.S. Look for details on an upcoming car wash in Mesa!}

Friday, September 2, 2011


P.S. Dad has insurance! They were able to make the Effective Date September 1st! Woohoo!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seems like Wells Fargo needs me to call them and see why they are making it difficult to donate through their branch locations. Sorry if you have tried and had a hard time.


I spoke with a banker. Sounds like it is not the account but the tellers that are making a problem. No worries! Just give them mine (Jennifer Flake) or my moms (Lynette Barrett) name. Sounds like if we tell them our names along with the account name (Murray Barrett's Liver Donation Fund) than that should do it! (fingers crossed)

I have to tell you a sweet little story. The other night we were having our family scripture study and had just finished reading what King Benjamin says (Mosiah 4:16-19) in his sermon about succoring (helping) those in need. I was telling the kids about all of the donations that people have given for their grandpas medical bills. And Kaitlyn said, "Do you think my money would help?" So sweet and so innocent. The girl has probably all of $10 to her name...if that. But she is willing to give all she has. It was one of those satisfying parenting moments that made Brandon and I think that we must be doing something right even if most of the time we feel clueless as parents. The other kids joined in and want to give their money to Grandpa too. Doesn't that just melt your heart?

Thank you for being such Christlike examples to my children.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Recent Pictures of Dad

Dad still looks handsome in his Letterman jacket! His dad painted that picture of him when he was a Senior in High School!

Daniel (Tiff's little guy) hanging out on the couch with Papa. This picture was taken not long after his last hospitalization (8/10/11). You can see all his bandages through his shirt. They had drained 2 1/2 liters of fluid off his abdomen.

That's something I wanted to point out. You can tell dad has lost a lot of weight in his face. His abdomen is swollen with fluids (the fluid his liver can't processes). Plus he has a hernia that the doctors don't feel is urgent to repair. He also has swollen legs+"cankles". His swelling isn't as bad now that he's on a stricter diet. Poor guy will be glad to have a new liver so he can eat food he likes again! By the way, it isn't the type of food he ate that diseased his liver. He's not a drinker either. I honestly don't know what caused it. I don't know if the doctors do yet.

Friday, August 26, 2011


I'm Eric Barrett, Murray and Lynette's youngest son. I was able to go back earlier this week to Arizona and visit for a short while with my wife Kim and son Cooper. It was a great to be able to hang out with my dad and see him play with Coop. It had been Easter since I had seen my parents last, and almost a whole year since I had seen my brothers and sister Tiffany. I just want to let everyone know how thankful I am for all the Love, Donations and Prayers. I would like to plan a fundraiser out here in California in the near future. So for all those family members out here, give me a text or a call and i'll fill you in. THANK YOU!

Who'd think I'd get choked up! (I am not a person who enjoys the drama of crying...but you guys have done it to me!)

We have raised a little over $1000 this week. No...let me correct all have pitched in and raised over $1000 this week! What an accomplishment! You are wonderful. You are SO appreciated! You are helping to "make our burden light"! You are inspiring and LOVED by us! Thank you thank you thank you!

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you in return. Babysit, water your grass while you are away, pull weeds,...anything.

 One thing I have learned this week is that people are willing and want to help...they just can't unless you ask them to.

Have a great weekend! :)

Another Way To Help

I know money can be tight these days but there is another way you could help. We will be doing an auction later this year (date is not set in stone yet). We have already had some very generous people who have offered to donate gift certificates for a variety of things. We would like to ask those crafty people out there to donate their talents, anything that the Lord has blessed you to be able to do. "your talent is a gift from God, what you do with it is your gift to God" -Leo Buscaglia I cant think of any better way to show our Father in Heaven how grateful we are for these gifts then to use them for such honorable things. Thank you again to those keeping Dad in your thoughts and prayers they are defiantly felt! Dad has been having a good week so far and we are grateful for that. I'm sure he is sick of the food I'm cooking (no salt,preservatives, sugar or red meat) but he admits it makes him feel better. By the way if anyone has food ideas please email us we are new to this and could use any help you have :)

Tiffany the other daughter :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A little update

Dad's doing alright. He's at home. Tiffany is there if he needs anything. He has another doctor appointment later this month.

So, remember that $40,000 hospital bill I told you about? They applied COPA CARE to it and now we owe $948 instead! COPA CARE is a medical discount program my parents were able to qualify for a while back. Basically, you have a you pay a percentage of the whole bill...not great...but better than nothing...and in this case it was a huge blessing. (One of the many!) It isn't insurance though...and you can only go to county facilities and see county doctors...who have been great by the way...just really limits you.

As far as insurance goes. Dad has qualified for PCIP!  I am still a little bit hesitant to get my hopes up. When he has his insurance card and has used it...than I will uncross my fingers! The first months premium was mailed today. We didn't make the cut off date for his coverage to start on September 1st. (We had everything in...they are just behind on opening their mail.) So, we faxed in the information and they are going to try to get an effective date of September 1st authorized. That would be wonderful. But even if he has to wait until October'll be okay!

I love this quote by Marjorie Pay Hinckley, "Do what you have to do, when you have to do it and with a cheerful heart."

Many of you have done what you felt you needed to do and made a donation to dad's liver donation fund. We recognize your generosity as a blessing from our Heavenly Father...and pray that the Lord will "open the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." {Malachi 3:10}

Thank you again...truly...from the bottom of our hearts.

 (DAD!...I said "hearts" not "farts!")....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Surviving Again....

Dad at about 8 months old.

I thought I'd explain a little bit about dad's blog title. What do we mean when we say, "surviving again"?

My grandma gave birth to her second little boy (my dad) on November 3, 1950...9 1/2 weeks before her due date. His mom told him later that he "straight lined in the hospital...and they brought him back." He was in the hospital for the first three months of his life. When he was sent home, the doctors told his parents that there was nothing they could do for him and that he'd have a 50/50 chance of making it. Dad says that "apparently, they just sent me home to die." He was in and out of the hospital a lot that first year. But he survived!

In 1982, Dad was in a serious accident. The propane truck that he was driving rolled and went up in flames. It was a difficult time for the family...but again...he survived.

I think it was in the late 80's when my dad was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. He had been sick for weeks (maybe even dad isn't one to ever complain. You know he is really sick he tells you he's not feeling good.) He spent a lot of time going to doctor appointments and being seen by specialist. It was our family doctor, Dr. Horstman, who was finally able to make a diagnosis. My mom told me later that his doctor had talked to her and told her that my dad might not make it. But! He survived.

When my dad was diagnosed with liver disease in 2003, his liver specialist told him that he would likely need a transplant in two years. It's been eight.

Dad is already a survivor in every sense of the word.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Utah Yard wont wanna miss!

I grew up...(like most of my cousins) going "junkin" with my Grandma Barrett.This meant getting up on Saturday morning and hitting the yards sales...and probably stopping by Burger King for a breakfast sandwich! My most treasured find was a golden tube of fire engine red lipstick! I wore it with pride...until my mom snatched it when I wasn't looking!

I think yard saleing (sp?) might be a genetic trait. My dad and his siblings have passed it on to their kids...and so it is only fitting that my aunts in Utah are organizing a benefit yard sale for my dad. I only wish I could go! Here is the information!

When: Sept. 3rd, 2011 starting @ 8am.
Where: 5836 S. 4525 W.

             Hooper, UT 84315
If you have any further questions you can call Diane (801)603-2687 or Cheryl (801)686-5174

Thank you so much for your generous donations. We raised $285 this weekend because of YOU!

Please continue to pray for my dad. That he will feel well, that he will qualify for the insurance we've applied for, that they will be lead to the doctors who can help him best...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Got the bill....

We got the bill from dad's most recent hospital stay. $40,000+. Gonna be calling them first thing Monday morning. Pray that they will be nice and give us a discount!

Still haven't heard back from the insurance company.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is Jennifer...Murray's daughter! You'll probably hear from most of his kids (Sam, Chris, Jennifer, Eric and Tiffany) on this blog...since we will be the ones "running" it.

A big "Thank you!" is not enough for Angela who helped get this thing going. Thanks for taking that off my plate! You're pretty much the best!

So, the purpose of this blog is to #1 keep family and friends updated on my dads condition...which as stated in the header is PSC....and no, we aren't trying to be dramatic...the doctor's say he needs a new liver ASAP.

The second purpose of this blog is fundraising. Pretty soon there will be a pay pal button on here where people can click and make donations. We also will have it set up to where you can put a button on your blog! We will post all the info. about fundraiser events here as well. As of now, you can go to any WELLS FARGO location and make a donation into the MURRAY BARRETT LIVER DONATION FUND. (Just write that down+take it with you to the bank!)

Even though we have known about my dads liver disease for about 8 years...we have only known about his urgent need for a transplant for about a week.

My dad also has Crohn's disease. He has been living with Crohn's for 20+ years. This, along with the liver disease has made it so that he doesn't qualify for health insurance...and because he worked for a small company that didn't provide health insurance, he has gone without seeing a doctor regularly. Now, he is in liver failure. We have applied for PCIP Insurance which is government backed...but we haven't heard back from them yet. If he is able to get that insurance than we are looking at needing to raise $12,000...that'll be the max out of pocket and I am sure we will reach that each year. If he isn't able to qualify for this insurance than we need to raise $200,000 before he can be listed for the transplant. So fundraising will be a big part of our lives for a while! (If anyone has any tips+ideas+time to spend helping...let us know!)

Dad was hospitalized for about 5 days back in May...we are working with Banner to see about them writing off over $10,000 for that. Right now there's still a little less than $13,000 to pay from that hospitalization. Dad was also hospitalized last week and we haven't gotten any bills from that yet. So like I said, it's time to..."fundraise,fundraise,fundraise!" Our family in Utah is having a benefit yard sale for dad on Sept. 3,2011. I will post more info about that later!

Well...I just wanted to do our first post so that this blog looks more blogish! :)

Stay tuned!