Monday, August 22, 2011

Utah Yard wont wanna miss!

I grew up...(like most of my cousins) going "junkin" with my Grandma Barrett.This meant getting up on Saturday morning and hitting the yards sales...and probably stopping by Burger King for a breakfast sandwich! My most treasured find was a golden tube of fire engine red lipstick! I wore it with pride...until my mom snatched it when I wasn't looking!

I think yard saleing (sp?) might be a genetic trait. My dad and his siblings have passed it on to their kids...and so it is only fitting that my aunts in Utah are organizing a benefit yard sale for my dad. I only wish I could go! Here is the information!

When: Sept. 3rd, 2011 starting @ 8am.
Where: 5836 S. 4525 W.

             Hooper, UT 84315
If you have any further questions you can call Diane (801)603-2687 or Cheryl (801)686-5174

Thank you so much for your generous donations. We raised $285 this weekend because of YOU!

Please continue to pray for my dad. That he will feel well, that he will qualify for the insurance we've applied for, that they will be lead to the doctors who can help him best...


  1. Can you clarify the address - it doesn't make sense as written.

  2. It is a Utah address. They have street numbers instead of street names! :) But I will check just to be sure it's right! Thanks!!!! :)


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