Thursday, September 29, 2011

So, I apologize for the grossness of my last is gross sometimes!

I was finally able to get things moving with the bank and can receive statements for dads account without having to go into the bank. I am amazed once again at the donations made by people I don't even know! People like Thomas and Sharon Betz and L.G. and D.A. Wagner...I don't know you but "THANK YOU"!

You are all wonderful wonderful people!

I have learned a few new bits of information this week regarding dads insurance and which facilities he can go to for his transplant. In the state of is Mayo Clinic. Dad has an appointment with them in November. He can also go to several other facilities around the country. I hope to talk to a Mayo rep. today to find out about the approximate out of pocket costs as well as which liver transplant region AZ is in and the approximate wait time for a liver....I hope to find out some information about living donors as well. (If any of you have experience in things like organ transplants and know of some important questions I should be asking...please email at let me know!

This is definitely a process...thank goodness it ain't all thrown at us at once! (although sometimes it might feel that way.)


P.S. Also, please pray for my cousin's baby Asher. He is 17 months old, and just had heart surgery (again) this week.

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