Thursday, September 29, 2011

So, I apologize for the grossness of my last is gross sometimes!

I was finally able to get things moving with the bank and can receive statements for dads account without having to go into the bank. I am amazed once again at the donations made by people I don't even know! People like Thomas and Sharon Betz and L.G. and D.A. Wagner...I don't know you but "THANK YOU"!

You are all wonderful wonderful people!

I have learned a few new bits of information this week regarding dads insurance and which facilities he can go to for his transplant. In the state of is Mayo Clinic. Dad has an appointment with them in November. He can also go to several other facilities around the country. I hope to talk to a Mayo rep. today to find out about the approximate out of pocket costs as well as which liver transplant region AZ is in and the approximate wait time for a liver....I hope to find out some information about living donors as well. (If any of you have experience in things like organ transplants and know of some important questions I should be asking...please email at let me know!

This is definitely a process...thank goodness it ain't all thrown at us at once! (although sometimes it might feel that way.)


P.S. Also, please pray for my cousin's baby Asher. He is 17 months old, and just had heart surgery (again) this week.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kindda gross...but...

This is what we got:

And this is what we want:

And this is a random picture I found in my search for healthy and diseased livers:

Have a nice day! :)


Doctors Appointment

Dad had another appointment with his GI yesterday. Now that he has insurance the Dr. is sending him to the transplant Dr.. His appointment will be next month some time. We are very hopeful that he will get on the transplant list. We also can start testing for a live donor so if you would like to be tested as a possible donor and are a, B or O blood type let us know :)

on another note, we are just overwhelmed by the pouring out of blessings from all of the people who have donated.We know that the lords hand is in this.

I wanted to just say thank you to all of our family. All of my brothers and sister have worked so hard and I am so grateful for them. Some times I wonder if the lord intended to bring us all closer through this trial. If so I can be greatful for that.

Thank you for reading!!
Tiffany :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011


So the Tally is in! After sunburns, messy hair and stinky bodies we fund-raised $667.73. We had some great times and memories made! Thank you to those who donated money and their time and effort to make this a success!! Here are some pictures of the car wash :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Don't FORGET!!!

Go to the SONIC on Val Vista between Southern and the 60 fwy in Mesa, AZ tomorrow! (9-17-11)
Get your car/truck/van/bike/whatever all shiny and clean from 7a.m. to 12p.m.(or until the last car is washed!)
All proceeds will go towards Murray Barrett's Liver Donation Fund!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Car Wash!!!

As many of you already know we will be having a benefit car wash this coming Saturday!!
It will be held at the Sonic on Val Vista and Southern on the west side of the road. We plan to start at 7:00 and go until people stop coming!

We are going to need help with this also so if you would like to come down and help with the car wash please email or Facebook us and we will give you the details!

PS. Did you notice we are over half way to our goal!!!!!!! The Lord has defiantly had his hand in all of this :)

Also don't forget to share the blog with the people you know. The more people hear about it the more help we can receive!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Yard Sale SUCCESS!!!!

This is Diane, Murray's sister. Our sister Cheryl and I held a fundraiser yard sale for Murray, and with the combined effort, and donations from so many wonderful family and friends, we were able to raise $ 1,300.
We're amazed at how so many items people donated (and not small stuff either). They just kept coming with it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your love and support in our effort to help Murray.

I (Jennifer) have been reading Glimpses. It is a wonderful book about a wonderful woman. I want to be just like her, but she's so good...I don't know if it's possible! Anyhow! I read something last night that made me think of my aunts and all they are doing for my dad.

"We all have a responsibility-a responsibility to make a difference, to be an influence, to lift someone. We are all in this together to work out our salvation, to reach our potential, and to be our brother's keeper. The help each other." (Marjorie Pay Hinckley)

I don't know if my family will ever know exactly who has helped my dad. I love that complete strangers have helped raise money for my dads medical bills. It reminds me that there is SO much good in this world. So many good people why even bother looking at the bad stuff going only (unless it is to avoid it)..and why bother being upset when someone is rude or why bother being the someone who is rude when there are so many reasons to be happy!?

It's a good thing to be reminded of.

Thank you!

{P.S. Utah fundraiser total is now $1400 after a $100 donation made yesterday! Amazing! Plus, they gathered enough donated items...they are having another yard sale next weekend! You guys are WONDERFUL!!!!!}

{P.S.S. Look for details on an upcoming car wash in Mesa!}

Friday, September 2, 2011


P.S. Dad has insurance! They were able to make the Effective Date September 1st! Woohoo!