Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hi, It's Jennifer

It's been almost a year since I have posted on my dad's blog! To be honest...I sort of forgot the sign in information...plus I have been a little busy with...moving...birthing a baby...things like that.

Anyhow. I thought I'd do a little bit of an update.

My dad is still waiting for a new liver!

He was also advised by his doctors to stop driving. The levels of ammonia on his brain were causing memory loss and really slow reflexes. (Like a drunk person with dementia)  He is on a medication for that and is doing better...but they told him they will reevaluate him in November and decide if he should start driving again.

Other than that. Things are pretty much the same. He goes in for regular visits and the doctors are keeping him as healthy as they can.

Also, We are looking for some good fundraising ideas. So...if you know of anything...email me @ bjflake00@yahoo.com

Thanks a bunch and hope you are all doing well!