Monday, November 7, 2011

A Little More Updating....

This weekend was Stake Conference for my parents. Don R. Clarke (click there) was their visiting General Authority.

Friday evening, my parents got a phone call from Pres. Lawler (their Stake Pres.). He told them that Elder Clarke wanted to meet with four families while he was there and Pres. Lawler immediately thought about my parents.

Saturday morning, my parents, Tiff and her little family and Kaitlyn (who had spent the night there) were able to visit with Elder Clarke.

My mom said that he brought the Spirit into their home...they felt it so strongly and it lingered for a long time after he left.

My dad was able to receive a Priesthood blessing (click there to find out what that means) from Elder Clarke. I wasn't I don't know what was said exactly....but my mom told me that he blessed my dad that our family will draw closer through this trial.

I asked Kaitlyn what she remembered about his visit. She told me that Elder Clarke told my dad that he needs to smile more. According to Kaitlyn, he told my dad that when he doesn't smile, he looks like Moses...and when he does smile...he looks like Nephi! :)

On another note.

My dad's new hepotologist over at Mayo prescribed a new medication. This one is for overt hepatic encephalopathy (click that)...which happens when toxins that the liver processes build up in the body (ammonia on the brain) and cause memory loss and lethargy. This is a medication that can really improve his quality of life while we awaits a transplant. But...the cost is incredible! It will cost $20 a pill. He needs to take two a day which means that for a month, it will cost about $1200! (That's with insurance!) So, we are working with the pharmaceutical company to get a discount. Pray with us that we can get help with that cost!

Plans are moving along for the pancake breakfast+auction! We are still needing more items donated for the auction!!! Please take a minute to think about something that you could donate!

I will post more about that later this week!!!

Take care! Love ya!

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