Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seems like Wells Fargo needs me to call them and see why they are making it difficult to donate through their branch locations. Sorry if you have tried and had a hard time.


I spoke with a banker. Sounds like it is not the account but the tellers that are making a problem. No worries! Just give them mine (Jennifer Flake) or my moms (Lynette Barrett) name. Sounds like if we tell them our names along with the account name (Murray Barrett's Liver Donation Fund) than that should do it! (fingers crossed)

I have to tell you a sweet little story. The other night we were having our family scripture study and had just finished reading what King Benjamin says (Mosiah 4:16-19) in his sermon about succoring (helping) those in need. I was telling the kids about all of the donations that people have given for their grandpas medical bills. And Kaitlyn said, "Do you think my money would help?" So sweet and so innocent. The girl has probably all of $10 to her name...if that. But she is willing to give all she has. It was one of those satisfying parenting moments that made Brandon and I think that we must be doing something right even if most of the time we feel clueless as parents. The other kids joined in and want to give their money to Grandpa too. Doesn't that just melt your heart?

Thank you for being such Christlike examples to my children.

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