Friday, November 18, 2011

Why didn't someone tell me that I can't count!?

(cute couple right?)

I was driving home from Show Low last night (thank you Shannon+her mom for the comfy blanket for the auction!).... and I was thinking about how I hope for things to go at the breakfast and auction...hoping people will come and hoping we will have enough items for the auction....And the thought just popped into my head right there in my minivan "I haven't been counting down right on dads blog!" 

I take some comfort in the fact my one seems to have noticed....but there's a bit of discomfort in that fact as well! :}

So, really....there's ONE more day until the BIGGEST event of the MONTH! (I mean...we all love our turkey and are thankful for our blessings too right?) But this is big for our family!

Lots of people are working together with us...and we are so very grateful!

Tomorrow, at this time, we will all be enjoying yummy pancakes together and having a fun time out bidding each other at the auction!

You wont wanna miss it!!! (...especially if you need a new recliner...or a hand made clock...or come cute things for your little girls hair...or a new purse...or...)
Love you all!~Jen

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