Friday, September 7, 2012

Blood Clot

My dad's procedure went well today. They went in and put bands around the polyps (there's another word for them...but that's basically what they are...) anyhow. They put bands around them and they should fall off in a week or so.

When he is all healed up from this procedure they will start him on blood thinners for the blood clot that they found in a vein (or artery?) between his stomach and liver. Being on the blood thinners and all that will pump him up on the transplant list. That should all happen in the next month or two.

This is the nature of having a failing internal organ and being on a transplant list I guess. You gotta get worse before you can get better.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Transplant Coordinator Info.

I forgot to mention the person to call to find out if you are a good match for my dad! 

And let me stress again....this would be at NO COST TO YOU!

My dad's insurance covers him and the donor in a transplant situation. All of your testing, before and after surgery care, food, lodging...all of that is covered by his insurance. I do not think that it will compensate your wages lost from work though. That is something you'd have to pray about to know what is right for you and  your family.

This is a HUGE thing. I know that. But, I also know that both you and my dad will be greatly blessed. Mayo Clinic has a great support team. You will have a donation advocate who will make sure you know all the facts and will get you all the information you need to help you in your decision process.

The point is to be TESTED....find out if you are a match and THEN decide if donating part of your liver is something you feel is right to do. 

Again... whether you decided to donate or will not have to pay for anything. Really. If you just want a thorough medical evaluation and a trip to AZ...for free...I'd say go for it! The more people who are tested...the greater the chance is of finding a donor for my dad!

Here is the person to call!

Kathy: 480-342-1010 or 1-800-344-6296

Another little update on my dad. He had an MRI today. Also. The doctor told them that these polyps in his throat are caused by bad blood flow due to the fact that the poor guys liver doesn't work right! If they burst, he will bleed to death. SO...tomorrow he will go in and have a procedure done that will stop the blood flow to those polyps.

 Keep those prayers coming!


This is Jennifer! Long time no see, right?!

Life has been busy and blogger hasn't worked for I haven't kept up on with this blog very well lately.

My dad is doing alright. He is tired most of the time...I think he is "sick and tired of being sick and tired". He had an upper and lower GI done yesterday. They don't have all of the results back yet. During the lower GI, they removed some polyps to run lab work on...check for cancer and all that. There are some polyps in his esophagus also. They didn't remove any of them for testing. They felt it was too risky.

I also just want to let out a BIG CHEER because my dad is still alive! He was given a year to live with this diseased liver of his and he's made it. We are very hopeful that a liver will become available again soon.

A live liver donor for my dad has not been found. All canidates and their information are kept confidential, so we don't know who has been tested and who hasn't. I started the process of being tested and then found out that I am pregnant. I am not sure how long I have to wait after the baby is born to start the process again. Probably at least a year. I don't know if we have that long. If you have O+ or B+ blood...please consider being a live liver donor for my dad! It will be NO cost to you. You will get the BEST medical evaluation of your life from top doctors at Mayo clinic. Also, a lot of the preliminary testing can be done where you live. You would have to come to AZ (again, at no cost to you) and go through a series to tests at Mayo Clinic eventually (if they feel like you are a good candidate). Please think and pray about this opportunity!

Hope all is well with you can your families!

P.S. If you do not know your blood type, you can call and ask your doctor about it. Or, you can go donate blood and find out that way.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


My parents are going to be on Channel 5 News!

Tune in to Arizona Channel 5 on May 15th at 10 p.m. to catch their interview!

Or, go to THIS site next Monday night or Tuesday morning!

Tell your friends!

Also, if you are not an organ donor....go HERE for inspiration on why to be one.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

We have a boy sweet boy in town named Zach. He was just diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago. He is in Phoenix for chemo treatments right now.

Zach also has autism. He is such a sweet kid. One time, when we were visiting his ward (for a baby blessing for missionary farewell...not sure which)...we sat behind his family and Zach held my hand for part of Sacrament Meeting. How sweet is that?

So, when Brandon and I were at a restaurant today and saw a donation jar with his picture on it...I just had to make a donation. I know from experience that every little bit helps...and although "money is not everything" is sure helps relieve some stress when you are facing not only medical bills but loss of income having to miss work.

Meet Zach HERE!!! ...then tell your friends about it!

(There's an awesome video of him downing a taco in less than a minute!) Like I said...he's a pretty cool kid! :)

~ love ya!~Jen

Monday, April 9, 2012

What's a MELD score?

My dad's testing at Mayo went well last week. His MELD score actually went down...again. A year ago, he was at a 17 or 18. Last time he had testing done, he was at a he is at an 8.

SO....what is a MELD score anyways!? MELD stand for Model for End-stage Liver Disease. So, basically, they have this formula (click that) that they use to determine your number and that determines where you get placed on the transplant list. The higher your number, the higher you are on the transplant list. Scores range from 6-40.

The doctor told my parents that with liver is common for your score to go up and down.

My dad had more blood drawn today.....not sure what for.....but hey, they are keeping a close eye on him so that's good right? I read that if you have a MELD score under 10 that you only have to get labs done every year. So, we'll see if that's the case with my dad.

Also! Other good news. My dad's insurance deductible dropped!!! I am just so grateful he has insurance and is getting good health care.'s such a miracle that he's doing as well as he is. I know it is because of the faith and prayers of family and friends....and strangers too.

Thanks for all of your support! Love ya!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sorry I didn't post sooner. But my dad is out of the hospital (since Saturday afternoon). They never did find out where the infection was coming from. ???

My dad was supposed to have a couple days of testing over at Mayo Clinic last week...but he had to reschedule it. SO...hopefully he'll be seen by his specialist soon.

This "waiting for a transplant" is such a terrible game. I don't like it. We have to wait for dad's health to get worse so that he can get bumped up on the list....which means he's getting a liver before someone else who is waiting....(weren't we all taught in school that it's not nice to cut in line?)....and then that means that MY dad gets a chance at better health while someone continues to suffer (not to mention the person who is walking around, going to work, spending time with their family right now who is going to die so that my dad can live.) Or dad can get part of a liver from a live donor (I feel much more comfortable with this option)...but these things take time and testing and....more waiting.

The thing that helps is knowing that the Lord has a plan. Things are easier when we can trust in Him and His timetable.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

So, I am sort of feeling like the procedure they did yesterday was a total waste of time and money.
The doctor looked in the large bile check to see if that's where the infection is coming from...well it's not. They reported that there is no stone in there (great! we already knew that!) The gallstone is in the small bile duct...and they didn't even look in that duct or try to get the stone out.
SO....I don't know what they are thinking. (I know they are doing their best and I am greatful for it...) They did drain almost 3 liters of fluid off of my dad's abdomen (toxic stuff that isn't being processed by dad's clogged up liver). So, that helps!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It is for sure not the pnuemonia that has caused the infection that my dad is trying to fight off right's that darn gallstone that's been stuck in a bile duct for 9 YEARS!!!

My dad came home from work on the night of our family Christmas Eve party in 2003...doubled over in pain...white as a ghost (seriously...have you seen my dad? People think he's hispanic.) He had worked a full day...bearly able to walk he was in so much pain. So, he got to spend that Christmas in the hospital, recovering from a Cholecystectomy. (Don't think I'm smart...I googled that! )And although they removed his gallbladder this sneaky gallstone didn't want to leave...not then...or anytime since! But, they're gonna try again tomorrow morning.

So...pray tonight and tomorrow and anytime in between that by some miracle they will be able to get that stone out tomorrow!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Admitted :(

I haven't been posting on my this blog lately. My dad has been doing so well...(by that I mean not getting worse.)

Well. Yesterday, my dad had a really bad fever...the chills and shaking and all that (Ibuprofen wasn't helping). My mom took him to the ER. They ran some tests and blood work and determined he was in the early stages of pneumonia...gave him an antibiotic and sent him home.

Today, he got a phone call from the hospital telling him that results came back from another blood test. They said he has an infection in his blood (something called cocci...which I think is a form of staph or another word for staph? I'm really not sure.) anyhow...they told him that he needed to go back to the hospital for a few days of IV antibiotics. (My mom just called to say that the infectious disease doctor said that he thinks that infection from dad's pneumonia has spread to his blood.....but the pneumonia isn't a very bad case....they are going to run more tests and see what they can find out.) basically....we just have to wait and see....but he is on IV meds and under Dr. care.

Dad was supposed to have a few days of testing done over at Mayo Clinic this week....but that's going to have to wait.

My dad has been having abdominal swelling again (even with his special diet.).....this swelling and the infection he has now could be from a clogged bile duct. ????

So anyways. Just thought I'd let you all know what's going on.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Did you notice something new in the sidebar over there? --->--->--->--->

Isn't that AMAZING!?!

Could that have happened without YOU!? (certainly NOT!)

It feels SO good to have met our goal!

Dad is doing good.
His Chron's is in remission.
He will met with his liver specialist again in a couple months.
Right now he is sticking to his diet (extremely low/no sodium and no red meat or pork).

I'll keep on keepin' ya up to date!