Monday, October 10, 2011

Do you like pancakes?

We do!
The Barrett's sort of have a "thing" for pancakes. I don't know who started it for sure. But, my Grandma Barrett made the very best pancakes ever. Light+thin+fluffy too. I don't know who taught her...maybe her mom? But her pancakes were super yummy! She was the type of person who didn't have a measuring spoon or measuring cup in her kitchen. She just instinctively knew how to make great food! That made it kindda hard to ask for a recipe!
I remember how my mom got Grandma's pancake recipe. She stood there while grandma was making pancakes one morning and before my grandma dumped an ingredient into the mixing bowl, my mom caught it and measured it...and that is how I am able to make the same yummy pancakes for my kiddos! :)

So...since we all love a good pancake breakfast....we are planning one as a fundraiser for my dad!

The details are still being worked out. So far, the plan is to have the breakfast at Skyline High School sometime in November. Skyline H.S. is going to try to get some of their clubs involved to help out. The High Priest in my dad's High Priest Group are going to help also.

Plus, we plan to have an auction! This will be a great chance for you to donate an item or service OR to buy an item or service { or both...we're okay with that too! :) } We are looking into having some pretty cool stuff. We will give you a sneak peak soon.

So...keep a look out for more information!


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