Sunday, December 18, 2011


The Three Wise Men gave gifts...then they followed the Spirit and took another way home. Because they journeyed another way, Mary and Joesph were able to take baby Jesus to safety.

You have given our family a gift. You could have done other things with that gift, but you followed the Spirit and gave it to us. Because of that...we will be better able to help save our dad.

Thank you for that.

The Barrett's, Flake's and Taylor's

A very special "Thank You" to: Anthon, Ashley, Roman, Sterling, Homer, Connie, Brendan, Katie, Betty, Mckay, Sherri, Gerald, Eileen, Lydia, Micheal, Garrett, Shauna, Byron and Shannon. (and anyone else!)~Thank you for the donation you made in memory of your father/grandfather, Brandon Longhurst. We miss him. He took such good care of his wife and was such a kind neighbor. Brandon and have reared a wonderful family! Thank you for your examples of generosity! (Sorry if I spelt your name wrong!)

Merry Christmas!!!!

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