Monday, April 9, 2012

What's a MELD score?

My dad's testing at Mayo went well last week. His MELD score actually went down...again. A year ago, he was at a 17 or 18. Last time he had testing done, he was at a he is at an 8.

SO....what is a MELD score anyways!? MELD stand for Model for End-stage Liver Disease. So, basically, they have this formula (click that) that they use to determine your number and that determines where you get placed on the transplant list. The higher your number, the higher you are on the transplant list. Scores range from 6-40.

The doctor told my parents that with liver is common for your score to go up and down.

My dad had more blood drawn today.....not sure what for.....but hey, they are keeping a close eye on him so that's good right? I read that if you have a MELD score under 10 that you only have to get labs done every year. So, we'll see if that's the case with my dad.

Also! Other good news. My dad's insurance deductible dropped!!! I am just so grateful he has insurance and is getting good health care.'s such a miracle that he's doing as well as he is. I know it is because of the faith and prayers of family and friends....and strangers too.

Thanks for all of your support! Love ya!


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