Saturday, April 14, 2012

We have a boy sweet boy in town named Zach. He was just diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago. He is in Phoenix for chemo treatments right now.

Zach also has autism. He is such a sweet kid. One time, when we were visiting his ward (for a baby blessing for missionary farewell...not sure which)...we sat behind his family and Zach held my hand for part of Sacrament Meeting. How sweet is that?

So, when Brandon and I were at a restaurant today and saw a donation jar with his picture on it...I just had to make a donation. I know from experience that every little bit helps...and although "money is not everything" is sure helps relieve some stress when you are facing not only medical bills but loss of income having to miss work.

Meet Zach HERE!!! ...then tell your friends about it!

(There's an awesome video of him downing a taco in less than a minute!) Like I said...he's a pretty cool kid! :)

~ love ya!~Jen

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