Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sorry I didn't post sooner. But my dad is out of the hospital (since Saturday afternoon). They never did find out where the infection was coming from. ???

My dad was supposed to have a couple days of testing over at Mayo Clinic last week...but he had to reschedule it. SO...hopefully he'll be seen by his specialist soon.

This "waiting for a transplant" is such a terrible game. I don't like it. We have to wait for dad's health to get worse so that he can get bumped up on the list....which means he's getting a liver before someone else who is waiting....(weren't we all taught in school that it's not nice to cut in line?)....and then that means that MY dad gets a chance at better health while someone continues to suffer (not to mention the person who is walking around, going to work, spending time with their family right now who is going to die so that my dad can live.) Or dad can get part of a liver from a live donor (I feel much more comfortable with this option)...but these things take time and testing and....more waiting.

The thing that helps is knowing that the Lord has a plan. Things are easier when we can trust in Him and His timetable.

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