Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It is for sure not the pnuemonia that has caused the infection that my dad is trying to fight off right now...it's that darn gallstone that's been stuck in a bile duct for 9 YEARS!!!

My dad came home from work on the night of our family Christmas Eve party in 2003...doubled over in pain...white as a ghost (seriously...have you seen my dad? People think he's hispanic.) He had worked a full day...bearly able to walk he was in so much pain. So, he got to spend that Christmas in the hospital, recovering from a Cholecystectomy. (Don't think I'm smart...I googled that! )And although they removed his gallbladder this sneaky gallstone didn't want to leave...not then...or anytime since! But, they're gonna try again tomorrow morning.

So...pray tonight and tomorrow and anytime in between that by some miracle they will be able to get that stone out tomorrow!

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