Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pay Pal Button!

Some people have asked if the Pay Pal button on this site still works.

It sure does! (I just tested it out!)

To make a donation through PayPal, you need to have a PayPal account. It's super fast and easy to sign up. (But, just so you know, they do get a percentage of the money donated. About $.33 for every $1)

If you are not interested in signing up for PayPal but you would like to make a monetary donation, you can do that at any Wells Fargo location. Just tell the teller that you'd like to make a donation to the "Murray Barrett Liver Donation Fund". They will look up the account. There's more info. on that in the right side bar->->->

If going into Wells Fargo doesn't sound fun, then you can always mail a donation to:

626 N. 99th St.
Mesa, AZ 85207

You all are awesome! "Thanks" to everyone who is helping to spread the word! :)

** Dennis Pollack! I don't know who are but THANK YOU for your recent donation through PayPal! :) You and everyone else like you are how the Lord blesses us with hope**

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