Thursday, September 6, 2012


This is Jennifer! Long time no see, right?!

Life has been busy and blogger hasn't worked for I haven't kept up on with this blog very well lately.

My dad is doing alright. He is tired most of the time...I think he is "sick and tired of being sick and tired". He had an upper and lower GI done yesterday. They don't have all of the results back yet. During the lower GI, they removed some polyps to run lab work on...check for cancer and all that. There are some polyps in his esophagus also. They didn't remove any of them for testing. They felt it was too risky.

I also just want to let out a BIG CHEER because my dad is still alive! He was given a year to live with this diseased liver of his and he's made it. We are very hopeful that a liver will become available again soon.

A live liver donor for my dad has not been found. All canidates and their information are kept confidential, so we don't know who has been tested and who hasn't. I started the process of being tested and then found out that I am pregnant. I am not sure how long I have to wait after the baby is born to start the process again. Probably at least a year. I don't know if we have that long. If you have O+ or B+ blood...please consider being a live liver donor for my dad! It will be NO cost to you. You will get the BEST medical evaluation of your life from top doctors at Mayo clinic. Also, a lot of the preliminary testing can be done where you live. You would have to come to AZ (again, at no cost to you) and go through a series to tests at Mayo Clinic eventually (if they feel like you are a good candidate). Please think and pray about this opportunity!

Hope all is well with you can your families!

P.S. If you do not know your blood type, you can call and ask your doctor about it. Or, you can go donate blood and find out that way.


  1. Jennifer...

    I tried to be tested, but they said no one over the age of 60 would be considered..Otherwise I think I was ok for the initial screening.


  2. i looked into it but medicaid wont cover it! :( btw, this is the one and only, Kiersten!!!!! im still praying!


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